In January 2021 I passed my DPAGB (Distinction Photographic Alliance of Great Britrain). Here you can see the 15 images I submitted with their scores. Overall you need 300 points to pass, so an average of 20 per picture. However for each of the 6 judges to give a passing mark of 4 you should ideally get 24 for each picture.

The next and final level, MPAGB, requires images of an exceptionally high standard. I expect it will take me several years to get the 20 shots I need. A few of those below will hopefully be acceptable.

I have no doubt I would not have passed the DPAGB without the support and advice of my mentor, Christine Widdall, who herself has the MPAGB. I owe her a great deal!

Three Marbled Whites 25
Common Blues on Apple Mint 25
Orange Tips on Bluebell 25
Common Blues on Wild Marjoram 25
Red and Blue Damsels 23
Dark Green Fritillaries on Wild Marjoram 25
Durdle Door 22
Milky Way over Tryfan 22
Winter Peaks 15
Banded Demoiselles 19
Green-veined White 22
Green-veined Whites 27
Commas on Blackthorn 19
Mating Hoverflies 20
Orange Tip on Bluebell  22

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