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Below are articles and links mostly relating to my competition successes

BBC News (2023)

BBC News (2022)

The Guardian

Photography News

Digital Camera World

Article in N-Photo magazine, Feb 2023, about my winning N-Photo POTY with the Milking Bonnets image.
Article in Practical Photography magazine, Nov 2019, about my Three Marbled Whites photo
Practical photography Nov19 1.jpg
Practical photography Nov19 2.jpg
Times 5 Aug 20.jpg
Article in the Times, 5/8/20, about the results of the Macro Art contest of the International Garden Photographer of the Year
Article in Amateur Photographer, March 2021, about my image 'Winter Peaks'
Article in Amateur Photographer, April 2021,
about my image 'Autumn Harmony', which came 3rd in the Abstract Views category of IGPOTY
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