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I am now available for virtual talks on macro photography at clubs or societies of any sort. This will involve the use of Zoom video conferencing. The fee is £49 for a normal length talk (2 hours including a 15 minute break).

I hope this will be useful to clubs during the Covid-19 crisis. However I will continue giving remote lectures after it is over.

When we return to normality, the following will apply:


The talk is about my experience and knowledge of macro photography as well as my philosophy and approach to photography as an art. I will of course show lots of my best macro images, but the talk is about far more than a set of pretty pictures.

The topics covered are:

1. A brief introduction to me, my background and experience, and why I chose to focus on macro

2. The distinction between story and beauty in art as well as in nature photography (i.e. narrative vs. pictorial qualities of images); my thoughts about this distinction and my approach with regard to macro photography.

3. My interest in competitive photography - the various types of contests suitable for macro, and some of my successful images (see the AWARDS page for examples). My thoughts about the vices and virtues of competitions.

4. A few thoughts about originality and creativity in photography.


5. How to create beautiful macro photos. This is the main substance of the talk, and it covers 7 challenges in macro and how to overcome them.

As I see it, these challenges are:

i. Finding and getting close to the subject

ii. Depth of field

iii. Camera movement

iv. Subject movement

v. Shutter speed/light

vi. Composition/bokeh

vii. Post processing

On the day I will provide a free handout to anyone who is interested with a summary of all these tips, as well as details of my workshops. I will also be happy to take questions.

6. In the remaining time (usually about 20 minutes) I will give the club members a choice of two subjects: either a set of fungi images or a selection of my best landscapes.

My Background in Education

I am confident your members will enjoy the talk, because I have many years' experience in a variety of educational backgrounds. I have spent countless hours not only in teaching but in designing workshops, talks and activities to engage people - to ensure not only that they enjoy the talk but that they learn from it.


Here is a brief summary of my relevant background:


1. BSc in Psychology, University of Nottingham, 1st class, 1988

2. MEd, University of Manchester, 1994

3. MSc in Developmental Psychology, Penn State University, 1997

4. Graduate assistant at Penn State, including lecturing and academic advising of undergrads

5. Graduate Minor in Educational Theory, Penn State University, 1998

6. History teacher, The Owl School (11-14 year olds) in Washington DC, 1999-2001

7. Time Trips history and science workshops in primary schools, 2004-present

8. Macro photography with DSLR and macro lens since 2016

Get in touch

44 Whitebrook Road

Manchester M14 6EF

Tel: 0161 224 6445/07754 406422 



Banded Demoiselle - Chosen for 2019 Calendar, Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Reviews of Talks

'Hello Tony,

As the Membership Secretary at Bramhall Photographic Society, I’m sure I can speak for everyone who saw your superb presentation tonight. It was inspirational, such beauty and artistry in all your images. I also enjoyed the details you went through in explaining the process of producing these fabulous photographs. I do hope we have the opportunity of seeing more of your work sometime in another presentation. I did say I felt like throwing away my camera, knowing I could never produce work anything like yours! But no, I will persevere and concentrate on improving my own style.

Regards, Heather Carslake LRPS'

Read more reviews here

I am available for talks on macro photography at clubs or societies of any sort. I am free most evenings except Mondays, when my own club meets (South Manchester Camera Club, based in Didsbury, Manchester).

I will travel up to one hour from my home in Fallowfield, Manchester. The fee depends on travel time: for up to 30 minutes it is £60, and for 30-60 minutes it is £75. I will determine the travel time in advance using Google Maps.

Reviews of Talks


'Tony inspires any newcomer to macro photography, he delivers a dramatic original presentation of the exciting micro world all around us. His artistic imagery is accompanied by instruction and tells of a secret world of creation and composition. Highly recommended.'

- Christopher Davies, Chairman, Holmes Chapel Photographic Society

'Thank you very much for your talk last night and for showing us some gorgeous pictures. It was good of you as well to share with us some of the tricks of the trade in a very logical, interesting and informative way making the whole evening enjoyable for those at all levels of photography.


Thanks for preparing the handouts - very professional. I thought the inclusion of graphics to help with the understanding of the points you were making was a good idea and they were wonderfully quite straightforward to understand. I am sure you inspired many members to continue to try and perfect their macro photography.'

- Tony Renshaw, VP Huddersfield Photo Imaging Club

'I really enjoyed your visit to the Bramhall Photographic Society with your fascinating talk on macro photography. Thank you so much for all your information and fantastic photographs. It was a truly remarkable evening.'

-Carol Stansfield, Bramhall Photographic Society

'We were very grateful to Tony North for stepping in when our expected speaker had to cancel on Monday 23rd September. Tony presented us with an excellent, very interesting and informative talk on Macro Photography. He is an expert in this field and shared with us the do’s and don'ts involved, camera settings and lenses he uses, local sites he visits to obtain his competition entries, many of which have won him prizes. All present gained a greater understanding of macro photography and look forward to members trying it out and entering competitions.'

-Bramhall Photographic Society Facebook Page

'I really enjoyed your presentation to Bramhall Photographic Society. I could tell from the content and the delivery that a lot of thought and work had gone into it.  I thought it was well structured and flowed well.  The examples you chose backed up and reinforced your talking notes.  Your passion for the subject was obvious and so your delivery had presence and authority and added to the enjoyment of the topic.

Again from a personal perspective I really enjoyed your talk. It has inspired me to get out and try out the skills you demonstrated, so really appreciate the handout, a very thoughtful addition.'


-John Colburn Bramhall Photographic Society