Manchester Urban Photography Workshop

I will be leading urban and cityscape photography workshops in Manchester city centre this Autumn (2022). To see the sorts of images you will be able to achieve, please peruse this gallery of my own images. To see images taken by attendees at previous workshops, view this gallery.

There will be a maximum of four attendees at each workshop (and a minimum of three), in order to ensure plenty of access to each shooting spot and to make sure you get as much guidance from me as you want. I can also model in some of the shots if so desired (you can see me in some of the images in the creative gallery, wearing a black jacket and blue shirt).

Manchester is a major city with lots of potential for interesting and arresting photography. I have been creating Manchester-based city images for several years, both 'straight' (although often with alteration of colours in post processing) and creative (using intentional camera movement and/or multiple exposure).


In the workshops we can focus on straight or creative styles (or both) depending on the interests of the attendees. We will also shoot both during daylight and night time to get a wide variety of light and colour conditions.





The day will begin around midday (depending on sunset time) and run till a couple of hours after sunset, with two breaks for drinks/food (possibly at Caffe Nero which has a good selection). In case of poor weather we will reschedule; however a small amount of rain is a good thing as it allows reflections!

Workshops taking place closer to the summer will begin later, to ensure we have at least two hours for blue hour/nighttime photography.



I can also provide a 2-hour post processing tuition via Zoom at a mutually convenient time and date. This will cover both straight and creative image processing in Lightroom and Photoshop.


Saturday 8th October - FULLY BOOKED

Saturday 29th October - FULLY BOOKED

Saturday November 5th - FULLY BOOKED

I expect I will do more workshops in the Spring - probably March. Watch this space!


Get in touch

Tel: 0161 224 6445/07754 406422


Thanks for submitting!



For the 8-hour Manchester workshop: £85

For the 2-hour Zoom processing session: £25

Please note, VAT does not apply; these are the total amounts.

Please contact me for enquiries or to make a booking.

What You Will Need

1. Camera

2. Tripod (needed for blue hour/night shots)

3. Medium range lens (I use my 18-55mm lens on a crop sensor camera - on a full frame something like a 24-70 would be suitable).

4. Wide angle lens (I use an 11-16mm lens) - very useful for many of the shots

5. Knowledge of how to use/alter camera settings, e.g. mode, manual/autofocus, ISO, aperture, focal length, live view, white balance, exposure delay, exposure compensation

7. Full Covid vaccinations


'Enjoyable and educational!'

- Ruth Lochrie

'I have just been processing some of the shots that I took on Tony's
Urban Photography workshop last month, and with his direction, I think that I have produced some excellent images. The workshop was extremely interesting both for the guided photography and for Tony's broad knowledge of the history of the places we visited. The workshop was well thought out and organised and I'd recommend it to anyone with an interest in urban landscapes. We also got guidance into achieving some of the remarkable effects that you can see in Tony's gallery of shots, something I hope to take away and put my own spin on.'

- Chris Jordan

'Even if you think you know Manchester, Tony will take you to some wonderful locations that you didn’t know existed, at the right time of day and then point out the perfect shot. You’ll have a day to remember.'

- Jon Moffatt

'I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday’s workshop and am part way through going through my numerous images. Compared to my normally more sedate and considered landscape or wildlife photography, the workshop was fast paced and varied. I totally appreciate the goal was to expose us to a variety of locations, opportunities, situations and techniques. You achieved this goal! I managed to capture some satisfactory results on the day,  but, perhaps more beneficially to me in the longer term, I am noting ideas to apply in the future.'

- Les Stringer

'a very instructive day!'

- Sheila Brown

Larry James's Flickr Page of his shots from the workshop


My Manchester Images


Attendees' Images