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I am currently offering macro photography tuition in person or via Zoom to photographers at any level. You can book as many sessions as you like and these will take place at a mutually convenient time.


Zoom sessions will last either one or two hours, and payment can be made at the end once all the sessions are complete.

I am also offering in the field workshops in the Manchester area. The content of these will be flexible according to your needs. No guarantees can be made as to locating certain species, but there will always be enough worthwhile invertebrate, fungus or plant specimens to photograph, allowing you to learn important skills.


1. A review of your own images with advice on how to improve them, both in the taking of the shot and the post processing.

2. An in-depth discussion of important concepts and skills in macro photography, with the aid of my own images and graphics. Topics may include:

i. finding subjects and locations

ii. getting close enough to take the shot

iii. setting up shots

iv. managing depth of field - getting the whole subject sharp as well as a pleasing background

v. getting a good shutter speed

vi. issues relating to light and light quality

vii. composition

viii. tripods vs monopod vs handheld

ix. focus stacking

x. post processing

3. Following the initial sessions, after you have had a chance to take some shots, we can review your images. I can guide you through post processing, including focus stacking.


By discussing your progress and how you can improve your shots further, you will be able to go back into the field and take your photography to the next level.


One attendee: £40 per hour

Two or more attendees: £30 per hour per person

Fees will be calculated based on the total number of hours.

Please note, VAT does not apply; these are the total amounts.

Get in touch

Tel: 0161 224 6445/07754 406422


Thanks for submitting!

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'Thank you for a great class today! You are a patient teacher and great photographer, so thank you for that! I sense that I could learn a lot from you, and I'd like to continue with weekly classes.'

- Eric Garcia-March

'Having seen the results that Tony achieves I decided to sign up on one of his macro courses. I did the pre shoot, shoot and post shoot processing sections each of which I found most helpful and rewarding.

I am confident that going forward I will be able to apply the skills and techniques learned to have a positive impact on my macro work. Tony is easy to get on with and generous in sharing his knowledge and techniques. I would recommend anyone to give it a go.'

- Steve Hitchen 

'Having seen Tony’s work on with butterflies etc, I have been waiting to get out for a while but been spoiled by the weather. However, I finally got out and spent some quality time with him explaining the techniques used in finding, isolating and having the set-up ready to take the picture in the best possible position. I now have that understanding that I can also take into the field to try and achieve the same level and quality of the images Tony produces.'

- David Woodhead

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