Although my main focus is macro, I spend a lot of time taking landscape shots. This includes natural landscapes such as the Peak District, Snowdonia or the Lakes, as well as cityscapes and other artificial environments. I am especially passionate about astrophotography - a very challenging genre which I am attempting to learn.

Landscape  photography is not just about finding beautiful scenery - it's also about the quest for magical light, which often means getting up early for dawn or waiting till sunset. Astro of course means working at night, but it's essential to find areas with little light pollution, as well as some foreground interest. Stars alone aren't enough!

Cities come alive at golden hour too, as well as blue hour - the hour after sunset, when the lights are turned on. With long exposures you can get light trails from cars, as well as pleasing effects with water in natural environments.

Another interest of mine is creative landscapes: by using techniques like multiple exposure you can create something uniquely beautiful. My biggest inspiration for that is the German photographer Sandra Bartocha.

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