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Indoor Floral Photography Workshop

I will be giving floral photography workshops at Union Chapel in Fallowfield, Manchester, this Spring (2023). To see the sorts of images you will be able to achieve please peruse the gallery below.


There will be a maximum of six attendees at each workshop, in order to ensure sufficient space to work.

In the workshops we will cover the fundamentals of shooting and creating beautiful flower and leaf images. We will also try other techniques such as using a lightpad, reflection, motion blur, and droplet refraction photography.

I will provide subjects (a variety of flowers and leaves, vases etc.) but you are more than welcome to bring your own.


Before the workshop, there will be a FREE optional Zoom session lasting one hour, during which we will:

- discuss my 5 principles of flower photography

- look at examples of my own images to see the styles and techniques you can try in the workshop

- discuss the subjects, gear and equipment which will be available, and how best to use them


There will also be a FREE optional 2-hour Zoom after the workshop, in which I will demonstrate how I process my own images, and then how I would process yours (which you will send to me in advance).


This workshop is suitable for beginners to intermediate level photographers. It will cover the basics of getting excellent flower images, as well as some more advanced techniques.



- setting up a subject for photography (positioning, using clamps/tripods/vases etc.)

- composition (including experimenting with angles, positioning in frame, size in frame etc.)

- camera settings

- using backdrops

- lighting (including natural light, LED panels, softbox lights, reflectors etc. (note - I do not use flash for this sort of photography but you are welcome to bring a flash if you wish). There are many ways to use lighting with different angles etc., and we will try a variety of approaches.

- using water or glycerine droplets and water sprays to create rain effects

- getting the subjects sharp/focusing/ISO

- ensuring good exposure

- focus stacking (including processing in Photoshop)

- post processing (using Lightroom, Photoshop and Topaz Denoise to get the most out of an image)

- using a lightpad

- droplet refraction photography

- motion blur photography

- using a reflecting sheet



The day will begin at 9.30 and run until 1.30pm. The plan is as follows:

1. Demonstration of 'straight' flower photography, with variations in subject, lighting, backdrop, use of water drops, composition and focus, including focus bracketing; demonstration of how to use the reflecting sheet and the lightpad (9.45-10.30)

2. Flower photography, first session - rotating to try different techniques (10.30-12.00)

3. Flower photography, second session - trying new techniques, motion blur and droplet refraction (12.00-1.30)


Sunday 22nd April 2023 - FULLY BOOKED

Saturday 29th April 2023 - FULLY BOOKED


April 19 and 27, 7.30-8.30pm


May 1 and 4, 7.30-9.30pm

Zoom links will be sent to attendees a week in advance. 




£99 per person

If two people wish to book for themselves alone the fee will be £120 per person.

One to one sessions at my home (or via Zoom) are £40/hour.

Please note, VAT does not apply; these are the total amounts.

Please contact me for enquiries or to make a booking.


Payment is due on booking. I will hold your place for 48 hours until you have made payment. This can be by Paypal or bank transfer.


If you cancel up to 7 days before the workshop you will get a full refund. If you cancel up to 48 hours before the start of the workshop you will get a 50% refund. 

What You Will Need

1. Camera

2. Tripod

3. Close-up lens (ideally a macro lens or some other set up which allows you to do close-up photography)

4. Medium range lens (I use my 18-55mm lens on a crop sensor camera - on a full frame something like a 24-70 would be suitable).

5. Knowledge of how to use/alter camera settings, e.g. mode, manual/autofocus, ISO, aperture, focal length, live view, white balance, exposure delay, exposure compensation

6. Lunch (I will provide tea/coffee/soft drinks and snacks).

7. Full Covid vaccinations


Testimonials (from outdoor macro workshops)

'Having seen the results that Tony achieves I decided to sign up on one of his macro courses. I did the pre shoot, shoot and post shoot processing sections each of which I found most helpful and rewarding.

I am confident that going forward I will be able to apply the skills and techniques learned to have a positive impact on my macro work. Tony is easy to get on with and generous in sharing his knowledge and techniques. I would recommend anyone to give it a go.'

- Steve Hitchen 

'Having seen Tony’s work with butterflies etc, I have been waiting to get out for a while but been spoiled by the weather. However, I finally got out and spent some quality time with him explaining the techniques used in finding, isolating and having the set-up ready to take the picture in the best possible position. I now have that understanding that I can also take into the field to try and achieve the same level and quality of the images Tony produces.'

- David Woodhead

Get in touch

Tel: 0161 224 6445/07754 406422


Thanks for submitting!

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Flower and Other Plant Images

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These images should give some idea of subjects and techniques we may cover (although specific plants used will depend on what is available at the time of the workshop).

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